Slouchy Pants

Today’s outfit of the day.

Side note: This morning was my 2nd day of working out in forevs! I never knew how much fun the elliptical could be (at least that what I have to convince my self) 😝 so I’m going to try to push it to do it every day! Goals!!!! Also I had a Pilates Fletcher intro appt and am so interested in doing it! We shall see! We are trying to save $ so we can build our dream home next summer so will think about this one! It doesn’t help that the Nords Anniversary Sale is tomorrow too!! Who is excited for that? Ugh, can they just bring a Nordstroms here already? If they bring one here I am done for! These swanky silky pants are old but you can find something similar that has a wide leg bottom so you can wear heels, the secret to looking taller than what you really are 😉