Get Your Bell Sleeve On!

Hey guys! How was everybody’s week? This week Everett and I hung out by the pool lots, it was so nice to finally get my hair wet and not care about it! Every time we go swimming I always have to put my hair up since it takes forever to style and dry. I have really thick hair so I have to wait a couple of days after its first wash. Butttt this time since I had to wash it the next day I was finally able to go all in! It felt so nice and I thought I need to do this more often! Do any of you guys have a pool and never use it? Guilty, even though it’s like 100 degrees outside everyday! This weather is crazy like that though, it’s sometimes just too hot to even take a dip. Yesterday my sisters and I had lunch so I was able to dress up and put some makeup on. I am so in love with this top right now. It’s a crop top, button up (you know I like thos button ups), it’s off the shoulder AND it has bell sleeves! What more can you ask for? Bell sleeves are trending big time right now. You can purchase this exact one here. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo