Beach Weekend

Hey guys! Happy Sunday! Today we head back home from South Padre Island. Every summer we rent a condo for the weekend and this time we stayed at Bridgepoint. It was amazing. They have their own palapa to order food and the umbrella and chairs are complementary when you walk out to the beach. It was quite a lovely stay. A little bit too humid for me but it was worth it. I know Everett loved it too and the boys had fun!

I was excited to finally wear some new bathing suits I hadn’t worn this year. I was telling my husband how hard it is to enjoy the moment when you need to pause to take some pictures for the blog. He is definitely not a camera taking guy so finding the right angle and good time to do it was a little challenging for him. I can totally understand where he’s coming from, so I had my mom and sister help too! (Haha sorry sis)

You know when you have this picture in your mind of how you want something to turn out and then when it happens it is nothing like you imagined? Well, that’s exactly how these pictures turned out for me. I imagined the beautiful settings beautiful backgrounds, beautiful swimsuit. I knew they were gonna come out “perfect.” My photos after saying “hey take my picture” (like the millionth time) turned out to be not what I imagined. And then with an iPhone no less. I think the iPhone take some amazing pictures especially the new iPhone 7 with that new photo option, but my phone was not capturing what I thought it would capture. It captured other things. After seeing all the photos from this weekend I could see the bad lighting, weird glares and shadows. Not to mention all my flaws. Being a blogger is tough! You are putting yourself out there and showing strangers your insecurities. For me it was being in a bathing suit and showing you all. The photos were definitely not how I envisioned them. I know we all have our insecurities and I am actually happy with my body after giving birth but in my mind I pictured something else I guess. Today I was reminded to embrace my flaws and be positive by showing them to you. This is me and I won’t be afraid of what people think. So I dedicate this blog post to all my flaws, my insecurities and to reality! It is the REAL ME! No filter except adjusting the light so the photo isn’t so dark for you all. I will get this blogging thing soon enough and hopefully not bother by husband and family so much on taking my pictures hehe…

What are your flaws and insecurities? I know we all have them, but it is important to just be happy and love yourself for who you are. That’s what I plan to do:)