Gaucho Life

Hey all!!! Oh boy did we have a busy week! I was sick then Everett got sick, actually he is still sick, but you would never tell because he is still my serious lovable chunky butt;)

In the meantime, I have been doing some serious brainstorming and reading for my blog. Since I am so new to this, there is lots to catch up on and know about. It is somewhat overwhelming but I am eager to learn about this business and make a career out of it. That’s right, you heard me, it can be a job in itself, and let me tell you, it is work! With that said, I joined the Style Collective team and I bought my first ticket to a blogger’s conference next month, yay! I am beyond stoked and ready to meet other blogger babes. So there is reason on why I haven’t posted…I am still thinking and wondering what my niche could be in this blogosphere, so bare with me:)



Here is a gaucho jumpsuit I wore the other day, I have to say I was pretty excited to be shooting in the them, can you tell?


Don’t mind the dog training climb behind me;)


Jumpsuit: Anthro