Last Days of Summer

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Last week after Kindermusik the baby and I took some photos near the park and although it was hotter than tamales I was glad to create some memories with my babe. It is rare we get to go to the park due to this ugly heat. I am so looking forward to our cool fronts!!! It is so funny because being that I was raised in Idaho I laugh when I see people bust out their gloves and hats when it hits 70 degrees here, I have to say I have probably been guilty of it myself :/ lol. I just think fall clothes is just so much fun and prettier since you can layer it and do more with it. I am hoping this will be the last week that I wear shorts but who knows with this weather. Hats, like the fiddler hat, are trending big time this season so if your still stuck in this heat like me don’t be shy to flaunt them. Also don’t forget your suede mules or booties can be paired with shorts and skirts as well. I have some open toe booties that look very flattering with shorts 😉 For me this is my slow transition into fall. Try it!


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  1. mike
    September 20, 2017 / 2:37 PM

    Fall is almost here Reve