Last week I was invited by Indigo Public Relations to do a local contest with my readers for a social mixer held at Albericos Fine Wine. It was the first time that I had ever done anything like that so I was pretty stoked when I found out that they had invited me and 2 other lucky readers. I am excited to finally meet other local RGV blogger babes, hopefully this is the first of many.

There weren’t many participants that participated however I found it very hard to choose only two. How do other people that do contests do this? There must be a better way to pick a winner, which I plan to find out tonight;)

Oh and let me tell you people, doing a contest is work. I had to do my research by making sure the potential winners met all the qualifications. It was soon hard for me!

Blogging is not easy, it is challenging but lots of fun! It’s a lot of time on your phone and computer/lap top. The current struggle that I am dealing with is how one “looks” while on their phone while looking at their screen constantly, like me for example. Before it was just because I would be checking my latest social media accounts, but now it’s everything, from editing pictures on an app to writing my blog posts. Guilt sets in and so therefore I am struggling with it, even though I know I am working. Which is why I plan to disconnect on Sundays, my goal is to do the whole weekend! That’s a good NYE resolution right?

Ok so enough of that, I can’t wait for tonight and I can’t wait to meet the 2 beauties tonight. Thanks for reading!



blouse and boots by the style union