Shorts in the Fall

Now you know you live in Texas when you wear shorts during Fall and Winter. Which is why I decided to wear my shorts with knee-high boots to give me that Fall feel. Plaid and berets are currently trending and you can find mine on Amazon! This beret is the perfect wool and does not feel cheap like other fabrics. My shorts are from a local shop that will permanently close their doors soon, so you know I had to snag them before they were sold out! (40% off!) I love this style and this style that you can pair with black tights! As for my boots, I feel as if they will never go our of style so I think it is ok to splurge and treat yourself to a nice pair that will last you. If you read my last post you will see that I find it so hard to get ready for the day but getting ready makes me feel confident and ready to tackle the day (besides coffee) so I try my best to do it in hopes to feel good and inspire you as well! What makes you feel confident or your best? Let me know!