Kindermusik Class

Yay!!! Today we are talking Kindermusik, what it is and why you should try it. Everett graduated from his Kindermusik Class last Thursday and it was bittersweet because he learned so much and made friendships and memories to last a lifetime. This past August I was very excited to be joining a mommy and me class called Kindermusik. I remember back in my pre-pregnant days I would pass by this classroom playing music as I was on my way to get my clothes tailored. Never did I imagine I’d be in their one day with my baby! Kindermusik is a class with curricula that provides engaging musical learning experiences for children that is critical for brain development. When I first heard the word Kindermusik, I thought of a room full of kids singing, boy was I wrong. Let’s just say it’s more of a workout than anything, and the kids aren’t the ones singing, you are. It’s a fun workout where you can dance and sing and let your little ones interact with other little ones!

First of all, the class is divided according to age group, so Everett was in the 0-18 months class. It goes by semesters and it’s one class per week, but you can do a makeup on another day class day during the week. Ms. Marisa was our talented music teacher and on the first day of class she gave all the kiddos a goodie bag with a kid friendly instrument, a CD that you can playback at home and other goodies. Our class was made up of anywhere between 4-10 people and then of course the kiddos. Ms. Marisa would put on the music from the CD and would give instruments to the children to follow. Sometimes there would be dance moves to go along the song and thats where the workout would begin 😉 Of course it was a go at your own pace kind of workout, but it truly was so much fun!! This so called workout consisted of picking up your little ones and/or dipping them down low for the song. There were some songs that included reading a book or having the lights turned down low so they could relax or do a massage time. It was a mixture of everything.

The kids learned hand coordination, visual techniques, sound imagery. Meeting other mom friends was a bonus! In the middle of the semester you learn a new curriculum and are given another set of goodies including another instrument (you want them all) and a new CD. Looking back at the first photos taken, I can see how Everett has grown so much from this class alone. The teacher was such a delight and since these songs get stuck in your head, I sometimes catch myself singing them to Everett! He actually has a favorite that calms him down when he starts to get fussy in the car and believe me I have tried others, but this song is the ONLY song that gets him to calm down! I’m so sad that we won’t be able to continue our classes but it was a wonderful experience and I will cherish the memories forever.