December Recap

Happy Friday guys! Can you believe that December is almost over a.k.a. 2017??? As we bring the last month of the year to a close, I thought I’d share with you a mini December recap.

This month I got to meet so many wonderful and beautiful RGV bloggers/influencers. We had our church Christmas party, I had my first photoshoot event with a talented designer and local photographer. I died my hair black and went to my first ever Gala! It was actually Holy Family’s first gala this year as well. It was my hubbys birthday and Everett finished his last kindermusik class. I know the month is not over but we have done so much already! Going into the new year seems bittersweet…not sure if I’m ready for it. Are you? Do you have any goals and/or resolutions? I think for me it’s to be more confidant. I would love to hear yours!

Thanks for reading and check back for my 2017 year recap post! I will be sharing some exciting news 💜



Jeans from The Gap

Top from the style union